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Ningbo Hui Hesing Advanced Tech Material Co., Ltd
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मुख्य उत्पादों: चुंबक, NdFeB चुंबक, Neodymium चुंबक, फेराइट चुंबक, स्थायी चुंबक
Total floorspace (2,100㎡)Years in industry(13)Competitive OEM factoryFull customization
NdFeB magnet
फेराइट चुंबक
magnet assemblies
छोटे आकार neodymium चुंबक

Why choose us

     1.Specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling of permanent magnetic products

    2.Focus on: NdFeB magnets,Ferrite magnets&magnetic assemblies
    3.Annual capacity: NdFeB magnets 1900 tons  Ferrite:8000 tons   Assemblies:100 million pcs
    4.Self-owned raw material factory,Competitive price

    5.Advanced equipment such as multi-wire cutting machines

    6.Main advantages: professional production of thin disc and block,high production capacity,fast delivery term